1950s Frigidaire

We are currently restoring this 1950's Frigidaire refrigerator as an in house project. After 60+ years it still works great and will be a great addition to someone's garage or man cave when we are finished. We started by disassembling it and sanding the whole thing down before a nice coating of epoxy primer was applied.

We added a few coats of high build primer on top of the epoxy and began to block out all of the waves and peel in the factory porcelain paint job. We also added body filler into any dings we found. Now that the cabinet is straight we are focusing on the inside, rear, and bottom of the fridge. All of the hardware is being chromed or polished up to a mirror shine. The back and bottom have been blacked out. The interior has a fresh coat of white appliance epoxy. And the exterior will be receiving a gorgeous red metal flake paint job when we're ready.

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